Holly Herndon & Mat Dryhurst – Recruit

Holly Herndon - Recruit - Cover

Holly Herndon and Mat Dryhurst collaborate on Recruit, a new piece commissioned by Cottweiler for the London-based clothing brand’s presentation of their Autumn / Winter 2015 line at the Alison Jacques Gallery.

Recruit is a transition between environments. We answer a call, and travel to a dusty landscape where alarms, cicadas and voices swarm ominously in the wind. Improvised machinery recoils and reassembles. Wires emerge from the earth. What intelligence brought us here? What did we sign up for?”

Dryhurst’s words offer a glimpse into the duo’s inspiration behind Recruit beyond the context of Cottweiler’s seasonal installation, while intimating the connection between this, 2014’s “Chorus” and “Home” and what is set to arrive imminently.

Download “Recruit” at Bandcamp.