2014 + Bundles of Joy


RVNG Friends & Fiends.

At the very precipice of a new year, the reflective sentiment is once more apparent that our 2014 was spent on the brink. Truthfully, our endeavor operates best at the edge. Not an edge that cuts, darkens, or wears a beanie in the world’s biggest rock band. It’s a line that bends in many directions, though thin and tricky to toe. Especially while the winds of change sway our balance.

While balance may imply an arduous feat, there is an attractive quality knowing that an impulsive move could plummet the operation or elevate it just the same. Impulsivity actualizes most consistently within creatives. Our footing is constantly challenged by our artists’ active invention and push. Without that force, we are stuck in place, with certain death below.

No single invention – or theme – defines our 2014 by virtue of the individual processes at play, but the activism adds great color to the year. It is true that we introduced a lot of archival work, but all of the artists featured maintain creatively active careers. We hope similar engagement passes on to the artists for whom we are releasing formative works now.

While we continue our way along the tightrope that is – to severe all allegory – releasing recorded media to a culture rapidly reevaluating and revaluing its consumption, this generational exchange then, now, and beyond establishes a tradition of balance. If our artists’ idea of tradition is to support or subvert it entirely, our work is all the more rewarding.

Thank you Holly Herndon, The Body, The Haxan Cloak, Gardland, Blondes, Steve Gunn and Mike Cooper, Craig Leon, K. Leimer, David Moore and Bing & Ruth, and Ariel Kalma for helping maintain the balance. Congratulations to Tim Sweeney on Beats In Space’s 15th Anniversary and another year of exceptional releases from Hidden Fees, Matt Karmil, Tom Noble, Jaakko Eino Kalevi, Lauer, and Guiddo.

Furthermore, thank you to Kevin and Karisa at Will Work For Good for the invaluable involvement and the supporting cast of visual artists, photographers, video makers, show and festival promoters who help facilitate new tradition.

Finally, thanks once again to you – the listener, the supporter, the dreamer – for zig-zagging with us. It’s truthfully touching to see repeat orders, continued commentary, and real live people appear throughout the wide spectrum of offerings that we wildly navigate.

As an extension of this, we’re offering bundle packs of each 2014 release (LP, CD, and BIS 12?) and a storewide 20% off sale on all non-bundle items now through January 10, 2015.

See ya on the other side.

RVNG Intl.