Steve Gunn & Mike Cooper – Pony Blues – A Short Film Production


Independent film producer, Champ Ensminger, has launched an Indiegogo campaign for the production of a short film based on a song from Steve Gunn & Mike Cooper’s Cantos de Lisboa (FRKWYS Vol. 11).

A Seattle-born filmmaker who recently left Brooklyn to explore his heritage and extended family in Thailand, Champ has channeled a passion for the Thai arts, community and visual potential for “Pony Blues” into an expansive – yet not too expensive! – production that combines an international crew with local talent into a piece inspired by a culture beyond borders.

To show our thanks and support for Champ’s endeavor so many miles away, we have committed to a number of perks offered to those who contribute to his campaign. The gifts range from an immediate download of “Pony Blues”, to a discount at the RVNG store, to a special invitation to a New York City screening of Champ’s final video.

We hope these concessions inspire you to support a young creative, passionate in building the artistic community in Southeast Asia. Thanks for helping make this project a reality.

Support “Pony Blues” Here