2013 RVNG + BIS Holiday Sale


While describing the unfolding narrative of RVNG’s 2013, there was a tendency to pull the “cerebral dance music” card. This catch all descriptor isn’t inaccurate, but it doesn’t evolve music away from genre stratification to a more assured and unquestionable place of artistry.

Without a doubt, the RVNG class of 2013 represents one of the most assured – and adventurous – groups of artists we’ve worked with. As each artist tweaked and trickled in new work that would represent their respective album, there was an overwhelming sense of certainty in the submissions.

Sculpting a solid foundation into presentable form is like working with good clay in place of mud. RVNG could and should never spark that creative fire, but we are hands on tending to the flame. Blistered fingers be damned.

While distinctively its own from one to the next, the music offered by our artists this year maintains improvised consistency at its core. In this type of improvisation, the beat remains seemingly open to the infinite, the melody an abstraction of the soul and the compositional immediacy the identifiable trigger in place of vocal intimacy.

A musically instrumental year became an instrumental opportunity for us – and for you – to get lost in our heads, no matter where the listening environment. A huge salute to Maxmillion Dunbar, Stellar OM Source, Blondes and Gardland for guiding that voyage. Likewise, much respect to the time and effort David Van Tieghem and the contributing artists of FRKWYS Vol. 10 devoted to making Fits & Starts one of the series’ most shredded.

Salute to all of the Beats In Space artists – Secret Circuit, Jee Day, Tornado Wallace, Gonno, Crystal & S. Koshi, Dukes of Chutney – that helped defined our sister label’s most productive and prolific year yet.

Finally, thank you to everyone that supported this fine cast of artists through the year buy purchasing music, attending a show, sharing your thoughts through various means and mediums and participating with the greater creative community and consciousness.

Now we are here. Be here now.

we’re offering bundle packs of each release (LP, CD, and BIS 12″) of 2013 and a storewide 20% off sale on all non-bundle items to celebrate the close of 2013.

enjoy the rest of this year to the fullest.
<3 RVNG Intl.