A Special Live Performance by Arp @ The Glass House — Tonight, May 10


This Friday, May 10, 6-8pm at the Glass House (199 Elm St., New Canaan, CT), Arp (aka Alexis Georgopoulos) will perform the site-specific piece, Erratics, alongside work by noted visual artist Tauba Auerbach as part of the Night Sounds performance series.

Erratics consists of a suite of compositions written for cello and French horn. For this performance, three double-sided vinyl acetates will be pressed with the singular musical elements from the compositions and will be arranged by Arp live on site using two turntables. Due to the fragile nature of vinyl acetate, the sound will degrade, distort, and dissolve during the performance. This quality will be exploited to emphasize ideas of material, relation to time, to sound and to degradation and obfuscation.

We will be releasing a deluxe and very limited version of this material Arp performs as part of the Night Sounds series. This will feature exclusive artwork by Tauba Auerbach and be on 3 LPs featuring the acetates with which Arp is performing, allowing the deluxe-buyer to mix their own version of the album. A standard version featuring two 20-minute sides of the Arp mix will also be available.