The Return of the RVNG Playlists


Folks. If you’ve been hanging with us for long enough, you may remember the RVNG playlists we gathered and shared on the old instance of igetrvng.com. Family & friends & ourselves contributed a handful of tracks with the hopes of cultivating a certain sonic vibe to help expand your record repertoire, remind you of a forgotten favorite, or simply brighten your day.

It’s finally time for us to bring these bad bwoys and gyals back. We’ll be posting up old playlists over the next few weeks (keep a tab on the MIXES page), as well as some new mixes from a plenty promising new faces and endearing older ones.

First up – Paradis‘ mix from last July, just in time for (what will hopefully be) the end of Winter:

[playlist-player slug=paradis-july-playlist]