RIYL-ty Bytes: Ka Baird

Each month, we invite an artist from the cast of characters that color the RVNG, Beats In Space, and Freedom To Spend universe to compile 15 – 20 tracks that are resonating with them.

From Ka Baird, to you ~ 

I present you with Activation Exercises, a playlist to rejuvenate and energize. A provocation to action, a provocation to move your body. Some more juicy, some more groovy, some more jilted, some more raw. Featuring the sounds of Uganda’s MC Yallah w Debmaster to Vienna’s Jung An Tagen to Japan’s YPY to Helsinki’s Pekka Airaksinen to Shanghai’s 33EMYBW to Lisbon’s Puto Tito to American experimentalists Max Eilbacher, 75 Dollar Bill and Paul Demarinis (to name a few)! 

Feel it, don’t think it! Enjoy! And maybe see you on the dance floor!


RIYL-ty Bytes is updated by a different artist each month. If you like something, save it to your library.

The Return of the RVNG Playlists


Folks. If you’ve been hanging with us for long enough, you may remember the RVNG playlists we gathered and shared on the old instance of igetrvng.com. Family & friends & ourselves contributed a handful of tracks with the hopes of cultivating a certain sonic vibe to help expand your record repertoire, remind you of a forgotten favorite, or simply brighten your day.

It’s finally time for us to bring these bad bwoys and gyals back. We’ll be posting up old playlists over the next few weeks (keep a tab on the MIXES page), as well as some new mixes from a plenty promising new faces and endearing older ones.

First up – Paradis‘ mix from last July, just in time for (what will hopefully be) the end of Winter: