SIDES004: Shea Bermingham


A blend of recent favorites, recorded live and loose on a warm evening drinking grapefruit w/ mint and seltzer. Aside from some jungle and hip-hop passages, this is mostly a light meditative mood mix with a jazzy twist running throughout.

Shea is a selector, listener and label laborer based between NYC and the South Pacific.

Stay shining ☀

SIDES003: Josiah Wolfson


For the third edition of SIDES, we asked Josiah Wolfson, an NYC based musician who performs under his own name as well as under the moniker x or size.

Listen here

Josiah, who helps curate the record and book selection at Commend, devised his mix using only the resources of the $3 dollar record bins found at the store, recycling and restoring the monetarily marginal or partially damaged ranks for a deeply personal mix.

Created January / February 2016 on 1 turntable, Tascam 4track tape recorder, and mpc1000.


Bobby Womack “Woman’s gotta Have it” goes to the movies with van McCoy and his “Magnificent Movie Machine” (JW edit)
Chamber Brothers “I Wish it Would Rain” featuring a lecture by Bobby Brown at Commend on the limits of science and the ghost of Edith Piaf
Barnes & Barnes – “Unfinished Business”
Don Ray “Standing in the Rain” – – 2016 blizzard mix
Arthur Brown “Do You Wanna Get Funky With Me” – – infinite appraisal mix
Martin Denny (bits and pieces)
Smokey Robinson “Holly” meets Pantha Du Prince “Sach Mal Baum” downtown
Space – “Carry on, Turn Me On” convex bass edit
David Van Tieghem “the Women” / Georgia Kelly – Sea Peace collage / David Van Tieghem “Two Worlds”
Osibisa “Hamattan” deep below Sea Level “54” x Rundgren x Jimmy Horne x Taisha Thomas x Arthur Crume and the Soul Stirrers
Up Front “Infatuation” grooving on (and off) the Beach (Boys) “Here Comes the Night”
Parliament “Night of the Thumposaurus People”

Dukes of Chutney – For Some More Than Others – RVNG Mix


the esteemed Dukes of Chutney lace tropic sonics together for a special RVNG mix entitled For Some More Than Others. stream the mix below / check track list after:

1. “Japura River” – Philip Glass
2. “Meet Your Maker” – White Visitation
3. “Eclipse of the Moon” – Tony Caro and John
4. “Det Beror Pa” – Lukas Nystrand Von Unge
5. “Far From the Tree” – Bob Moses
6. “Blackpool Late Eighties” – Holden
7. “Dramatic Theme” – Pink Floyd
8. “Jan’s Bellski (Pedrodollar Version)” – Dukes Of Chutney
9. “Domino” – Dukes Of Chutney
10. “Silver Clouds (Interlude)” – Dukes Of Chutney
11. “Emotional Response” – MASKS
12. “Moonbeams” – Brenda Ray
13. “Until the Colours Come” – Flying Lotus
14. “Kill Fatigue Frequencies” – Set Fire To Flames
15. “Sylvester” – Sly & The Family Stone
16. “No Regard” – Vincent Gallo
17. “Diana in the Autumn Wind” – The National Gallery
18. “In Here the World Begins” – Broadcast

Blues Control – January 2012 Playlist


Ease your membranes, RVNGers. Celebrate the passing of another Thursday with this playlist from last winter, courtesy of Blues Control.

Georgia’s May 2012 RVNG Playlist


We’ve resurrected Georgia’s playlist from last May for your listening enjoyment. Happy Monday, RVNG heads.

RVNG HQ – Inscrutably Obvious Mix – Dec. ’12


On the month before 2013, RVNG stopped by the Wire’s show on NTS Radio with a bag of records. Below is the mix, nowhere is the track list (maybe?), so dig in and enjoy the vibes with Shazam at the ready: