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RIYL-ty Bytes: Dylan Moon

Each month, we invite an artist from the cast of characters that color the RVNG, Beats In Space, and Freedom To Spend universe to compile 15 – 20 tracks that are resonating with them.

From Dylan Moon, to you ~

As Damon Krukowski points out, one of Spotify’s many shortcomings is the lack of context—comprehensive metadata—present in its catalog and discovery models. Hopefully, this playlist and these notes are a way of personally contextualizing some songs. The songs, mostly guitar music, influenced my Album / are influencing me. Another thread here is singular, intricate harmony in the field of ‘pop’ music.


Small Talk – The music of Scritti Politti is so intensely polished, concentrated and catchy that it’s almost sinister (especially when considering Green Gartside’s punk past). The synth lines dip in n out like dolphins :’o

Go West (Girly Sound Version) – Liz Phair’s songs can be deceptively simple sounding—there’s a very weird chord in here!

My Friend – Emily Yacina’s songs have such a special dreaminess about them…sparse chord voicings and tonal ambiguity

Film’s Camera – Matt Werth showed me Lilys. There are all these layers of superimposed harmony… staggering.

That’s Pretty Clean Instrumental – There’s something *magical* about the patter of analog drum machine recorded to worn out tape.

Near – (Sandy) Alex G blasts apart the crystalized pop structures to find an amorphous constellation of tones.

It’s All Over Now, Baby Blue – I don’t know that much about The Dead catalog, but this Bob Dylan cover is an old favorite. The structure of “Song For Jerry” was inspired by Dylan’s use of the lyrical refrain.


RIYL-ty Bytes is updated by a different artist each month. If you like something, save it to your library.

Helado Negro – Percussive Intrusion Mix


Helado Negro, 1/10th of David Van Tieghem’s collaborators for the Fits & Starts FRKWYS, compiles a mix of percussive vibes for RVNG. Stream it below.

FRKWYS10 is available now at the shop