E Ruscha V – Carried Away

on the eve of Who Are You’s release, a new collection of free form, free flowing music from E Ruscha V, we share the beachside bender of “Carried Away,” the second video by Ruscha V’s visual collaborator Dustin Lynn (one half of Dukes of Chutney).

E Ruscha V’s new album Who Are You is available March 2, 2018 on Beats In Space Records.

Dukes of Chutney – For Some More Than Others – RVNG Mix


the esteemed Dukes of Chutney lace tropic sonics together for a special RVNG mix entitled For Some More Than Others. stream the mix below / check track list after:

1. “Japura River” – Philip Glass
2. “Meet Your Maker” – White Visitation
3. “Eclipse of the Moon” – Tony Caro and John
4. “Det Beror Pa” – Lukas Nystrand Von Unge
5. “Far From the Tree” – Bob Moses
6. “Blackpool Late Eighties” – Holden
7. “Dramatic Theme” – Pink Floyd
8. “Jan’s Bellski (Pedrodollar Version)” – Dukes Of Chutney
9. “Domino” – Dukes Of Chutney
10. “Silver Clouds (Interlude)” – Dukes Of Chutney
11. “Emotional Response” – MASKS
12. “Moonbeams” – Brenda Ray
13. “Until the Colours Come” – Flying Lotus
14. “Kill Fatigue Frequencies” – Set Fire To Flames
15. “Sylvester” – Sly & The Family Stone
16. “No Regard” – Vincent Gallo
17. “Diana in the Autumn Wind” – The National Gallery
18. “In Here the World Begins” – Broadcast

Dukes of Chutney ‘Domino’ // Beats In Space Records


The 11th and this year’s final release from Beats In Space Records comes courtesy of Pacific coasters Dukes of Chutney. Their Domino EP will be available worldwide on November 5.

Pre-order the limited 12″ (with artwork by Broomberg & Chanarin) at the shop.

Stream the title track off Domino below fresh off the Beats In Space Radio deck: