marc listens

champ ensminger reimagines marc barreca’s assembly line of processes and industrialized inquisitiveness in his vignette marc listens.

following sara musselman’s visual work inspired by michele mercure’s Eye Chant album, our Freedom To Respond exhibition series continues for Music Works For Industry.

satpreet kahlon’s sculptures and carl nelson’s illustrations will adorn the Machine House Brewery for a week following a special launch event on Saturday, June 3, co-presented by local crew elevator. marc barreca and rosen will perform live, jed bindeman (1/3 of FTS) will DJ throughout the night.

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Steve Gunn & Mike Cooper – Pony Blues – A Short Film Production


Independent film producer, Champ Ensminger, has launched an Indiegogo campaign for the production of a short film based on a song from Steve Gunn & Mike Cooper’s Cantos de Lisboa (FRKWYS Vol. 11).

A Seattle-born filmmaker who recently left Brooklyn to explore his heritage and extended family in Thailand, Champ has channeled a passion for the Thai arts, community and visual potential for “Pony Blues” into an expansive – yet not too expensive! – production that combines an international crew with local talent into a piece inspired by a culture beyond borders.

To show our thanks and support for Champ’s endeavor so many miles away, we have committed to a number of perks offered to those who contribute to his campaign. The gifts range from an immediate download of “Pony Blues”, to a discount at the RVNG store, to a special invitation to a New York City screening of Champ’s final video.

We hope these concessions inspire you to support a young creative, passionate in building the artistic community in Southeast Asia. Thanks for helping make this project a reality.

Support “Pony Blues” Here