Palmbomen II – Memories of Cindy, Part 1

Kai Hugo eulogizes our dear Cindy through new Palmbomen II music and a surreal, neo-noir lens, chronicled over a series of four 12” EPs and public access television transmissions. Crack open a refreshing Apple Shorle™, and direct your remotes to channel BIS to experience an initial offering and explanation.

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Stream Secret Circuit “Higher Heights” & Preview Gatefold LP Artwork

BIS boss Tim Sweeney premieres Tactile Galactics’ opening track, “Higher Heights”, on Beats In Space Radio. Watch the video above for a glimpse at the gatefold LP’s immersive artwork, hand-drawn by Secret Circuit himself.

Tactile Galactics will be available worldwide in just two weeks’ time, but a pre-order now will ensure you get one of the limited 2xLP pressings.