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Lucrecia Dalt

No era sólida (outtakes)

— Limited edition cassette featuring outtakes from Lucrecia Dalt’s No era sólida and Anticlines. [SOLD OUT]
— Each purchase includes a multi-format download redeemable via Bandcamp.


February 12, 2021

Lucrecia Dalt presents No era sólida (outtakes), which she describes as “a selection of the unselected.” These six remixed tracks reveal peripheral gold and sinuous threads of melody that weren’t included in her previous recording. Giving them time and space before reexamining, Lucrecia realized, “o!, aha, there’s actually something here!” They give us mysterious new glimpses into the world of Lia, who is the fictional character at the heart of No era sólida.


Side A
A1. Nu
A2. Cao
A3. Gt
A4. Four Voices
A5. Mono
A6. Acartonado

Side B
B1. Illness as Metaphor
B2. Let My Touch
B3. Bolero super Item
B4. Errors of Skin Variante
B5. Frica Mambo
B6. Liquid Sky


1. Nu
2. Cao
3. Gt
4. Four Voices
5. Mono
6. Acartonado