Kate NV

early bird

Kate NV, the alias of multi-hyphenate artist Kate Shilonosova, shares new music in the form of “early bird.” Instrumental and compact, clocking in at just over two-and-a-half minutes, “early bird” deviates slightly from the avant-pop mode of Shilonosova’s 2020 album Room for the Moon, but follows in the bouncy footsteps of her 2021 single “d d don’t” and 2022 benefit release bouquet.

“early bird” is a gleeful, frenetic, and knowingly dilapidated assemblage of sound: whirrs and springs, brass instruments mimicking a clown’s bicycle horn, Art of Noise-esque strings stabs, deflating balloons, and of course, a whole flock of wind-up birds’ chirps and trills. The song’s abrupt ending hints at the artist’s new approach to song construction: momentary fragments of musical surprise and interest, or, as Shilonosova refers to them, “funny tiny sounds”—where the micro becomes macro, and perspective shifts in sprightly wonder.


1. early bird