RVNG Intl. is a Brooklyn-based music institution that operates on few but heavily fortified principals, dealing with forward-reaching artists sometimes categorized as electronic, avant, free, fried, fucked, etc.

RVNG seeks to appease collector fandom with extravagant packaging and to remind hopeful audiophile generations of the sonic spectacle that transforms the surrounding airspace when needle presses vinyl. Of course, we’re not total curmudgeons, our catalogue is (almost) fully available across digital formats.

Our FRKWYS series exemplifies the equilibrium of classic artistic sensibility and modern day sentimentality. Each volume is a unification of progenitor and contemporary musician. Those artists on RVNG working outside the FRKWYS umbrella still find collaboration the driver a. We work closely to activate each new level of artistic accomplishment.

RVNG is a creative member of our NYC community and at large.  Whether it’s partnering with New York City’s White Columns Gallery or London’s Barbican Center, helping to present MoMa PS1’s Summer Warm Up series or working extensively with Krakow’s Unsound Festival, format transcendence is our second life-force.

As for the correct pronunciation of RVNG, please consult the cosmos.


RVNG Intl.
PO Box 20752
Tompkins Sq.
NY NY 10009


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Our ears are always open to new music, but please send demo submissions by mail to the address above.