Maxmillion Dunbar


Maxmillion Dunbar is one half of Beautiful Swimmers and the don behind the Future Times record label. A background wound around MC skills and a side hustle DJ’ing disco, Dunbar first tried his fingers at programming hip hop beats, eventually introducing his rogue breed of house music to the dance world via 2010’s Cool Water.

House Of Woo, his first album on RVNG, counters Cool Water’s darkness with shimmering, dazzling light inspired by Dunbar’s relationship with his girlfriend. Says Dunbar, “My girlfriend and I would listen to the tracks in the studio at our old place, laying back in chairs and letting them play over and over for hours.”

Dunbar’s signature slam takes the album out of the domestic setting and onto the dance floor. Aligned with a community of dance deconstructionists including Beautiful Swimmers label mates Protect-UL.I.E.S. institution Ron Morelli, and Dutch compatriots JuJu and Jordash, Dunbar abstracts his tracks rather than grinding them into grids.

“I make a lot of tracks by sticking on a loop forever, letting it live and breathe as long as it needs to,” says Dunbar. “I keep all of the pieces I’m working on balanced, floating in the air. If it doesn’t take minutes to stand up, it takes weeks.”

Sample Tracks