BRONZE is the San Francisco based trio of Brian Hock, Rob Spector, and Miles Friction.

In early 2006, Hock moved back to his native San Francisco from Berlin and took up residence with Spector in the warehouse / show space known as The Cave. The two conspired to start a new live project and enlisted the help of Friction to form BRONZE.

From the Trojan Cavern in San Fran’s Dogpatch neighborhood, BRONZE undergo disciplined training exercises in various weaponry, sonic hypnosis, horticulture and all-important copper talk. It’s also the place where Copper, their debut album, was created.

Stream-of-consciousness lyrical cooing and restrained analog trickery rest atop constant cog rotation grooves on Copper. These elements yield a truly conductive album, abundant in compositions that beg for a listener’s oxidizing ear.

Copper is available on vinyl and CD, as well as digitally.

Sample Tracks