Gardland is the laboriously cracked energy exchange of Alex Murray and Mark Smith. The duo solidified the young partnership during a psychedelic desert excursion far from their urban dwellings in Sydney, Australia. Over a ten-day stretch, Murray and Smith recorded hardware based wigouts with neither boundary nor fear of judgment from the godheads that loomed ominously over the lysergic liturgy.

Syndrome Syndrome was written and recorded in a small room over a series of slavishly inspired sessions. Living within earshot of each other, Murray and Smith bucked the unconventional confab this comfort allows in favor of a workingman’s deftness. In the middle of this process, Gardland’s primary synthesizers were stolen at a gig. Impervious and industrious, the blank slate catalyzed their creative flow instead of stunting it, eventually filling to the frame with the eleven uneasy pieces of Syndrome Syndrome.

The most revelatory aspect to Murray and Smith’s desert quest was their willing submission to co-exist with disorder — to have and to stranglehold for better or for worse. That transcendence only explains the psychosomatic palettes of Syndrome Syndrome though. The distinct other-ness of Gardland’s reach succeeds by laying waste to compositional cliché, by mining the full contour and imperfections of electronic music shapes, and by allowing ghost narratives back into aperture to cause chaos and a spot of fun.

Gardland inaugurated their Hunter Gatherers label with an EP of material in 2012.